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What is the Mustard Seed Gift Fund?

The Mustard Seed Gift Fund has been established to encourage partnerships and allow Proton Foundation to support and give back to other projects, initiatives and visions.
The Mustard Seed Gift Fund is a fund available to charities, organisations or individuals that are delivering a project or meeting a need that aligns with the visions and goals of the Proton Foundation.

Where does it come from?

The Mustard Seed Gift Fund is funded by 10% of all Proton Foundation’s chargeable services and Champion members’ donations.
As a charity we rely on the generosity of others and are continually applying for different funding pots. We decided that if we expect others to be generous and partner with us as a charity, then it’s only right that we financially support and partner with other like-minded people and organisations.

Who can partner or benefit from it?

If you have a project, initiative or dream for your community that aligns with the values of the Proton Foundation, then you should apply for the Mustard Seed Gift Fund.

Want to apply for The Mustard Seed Gift Fund?