Schools & Academies

Schools & Academies

Schools & Academies

Through partnering with educational establishments, we are able to deliver a range of engaging and creative activities that help equip each young person with the tools and techniques to empower them to be everything they can be.

Since our inception in 2017 we’ve been able to measure positive outcomes and seen an improvement in the participating young peoples’ mental well-being, self-esteem and happiness.

 The Flourish Project has worked with over 600 young people in 12 different schools.

Schools & Academies

License Model

Annually Renewable

This allows your school to run the programme as many times as you wish within your school in that year. Facilitators will be required to attend essential training to be equipped to deliver the programme to a high standard, there is a cost associated with the essential training.


The Flourish Project E-Learning

Staff Training Workshop

Mental well-being impacts everyone at some point in their lives. Ensuring your staff have the knowledge and skills to create a healthy environment for the whole school community can actively promote growth and positive teaching outcomes for both staff and pupils. 

Our team can work with your school to provide a facilitated workshop which will explore and examine the key ingredients that will help you to create a culture that is conducive for growth, and to keep it that way!

Testimonials From Teachers

“This course was a positive experience and a great help to understand wellbeing not only with adults but especially children”

“I think this was a fantastic course. I work as a learning mentor and I will use this information back at school. I will definitely promote the Flourish project” 

“Great implementation of the subject matter, using a good variety of learning methods, practical, kinaesthetic, and auditory, good fun too!”

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