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Flourish Project

The Flourish Project

Resourcing communities to change the lives of young people


This is delivered through The Flourish Project, a programme designed to improve mental & emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and resilience.

  • The school’s Flourish programme encourages pupils to believe in themselves, and to promote positive thinking and self-esteem.

    Flourish enables pupils to realise their full potential. It gives the pupils tools and techniques to equip and empower themselves to believe that they can dream big dreams. 

    ESTYN Report – Ystrad Mynach Primary School – November 2023

  • The CAMHS team were at school working with year 6 pupils and they could recognise which pupils have gone through The Flourish Project from their positive attitudes.

    Alderman Davies Primary School

    Why do we do what we do?

    The Flourish Project has been created to help young people to develop a growth mindset, creating helpful thinking patterns and enabling the young person to start to understand their potential, realizing future aspirations and setting goals for the future.

    1 in 6 children and young people aged 5-16 years old will have a probable mental health disorder. The statistics paint a picture of a generation increasingly struggling with mental and emotional health resulting in anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide.

    • 1 in 14 young people have attempted to commit suicide by the time they reach 17.

      That’s an average of 2 young people in a classroom of 30.

    • 1 in 10 children and young people aged 5-16 years old have clinically diagnosable mental problems.

      There has been a 58% increase in ill-mental health in young people since the pandemic.

    • Young people with low self-esteem are more likely to have suicidal thoughts, self harm and have ill mental health, compared to those with high self-esteem.

      Our sessions include topics on:

      Who We Are



      Social Media


      Dreams & Aspirations

      Goal Setting


      Our stats up to date


      Children have started the Flourish Project 


      Average increase across 2300+ children aged 9-16 years old in Mental Wellbeing


      Average increase across 2300+ children aged 9-16 years old in Self-esteem


      Average increase across 2300+ children aged 9-16 years old in Happiness

      Our Hubs

      Our Flourish Hubs are Schools or organisations that have been trained to deliver The Flourish Project in their local community.

      At least two staff members or volunteers from each Hub have also completed two days of training to be able to deliver the Flourish project. Each Hub commits to delivering the Flourish Project for a least 1 year with at least 40 children or young people; this commitment can then be renewed annually.

      This map shows all of the schools and organisations that The Flourish Project is currently being run in!

      We are living in times where young people are struggling in silence, many with issues that affect their mental and emotional wellbeing. These Include; identity, self-esteem, resilience, healthy friendships, and hopelessness. In my experience as an experienced healthcare professional, working alongside many adults who have struggled with their mental health, these were issues that they faced during adolescence.  We all need to work towards finding long-term preventative solutions that can be easily integrated into school cultures at an early age, this will help combat the ever-growing issue around mental ill health.


      I believe The Flourish Project is one solution that can help young people start to form healthy habits and positive self-talk, which in turn builds resilience. The impact that this project has seen in improving mental wellbeing & self-esteem is significant and their research over the last few years has demonstrated that this could be a game-changer’

      Professor Jonathan Warren (previous CEO of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust).

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