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Impacting communities one life at a time

We’re passionate about enabling individuals, families and communities to impact 100,000 young people to grow and thrive in a healthy way.

Our Work

Proton Foundation is enabling organisations and individuals to meet the need in their communities.

Currently there are 4 projects working under the umbrella of the Proton Foundation – The Flourish Project, Flourish Online, The Champion, and The Mustard Seed Gift. 


Children have gone through the Flourish Project


Children have completed Flourish Online


Champions supporting the Flourish Project


People who have been directly impacted through the Mustard Seed Project

Our Hubs

Our Flourish Hubs are Schools or organisations that have been trained to deliver the Flourish Project in their local community.

At least two staff members or volunteers from each Hub have also completed two days of training to be able to deliver the Flourish project. Each Hub commits to delivering the Flourish Project for a least 1 year with at least 40 children or young people; this commitment can then be renewed annually.

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