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The Impact We Want To See!

2022 was filled with some inspiring stories of the impact that the Flourish Project made in the lives of children, teachers, parents and communities.

“Children have absolutely loved every session. I have really noticed confidence and how they carry themselves at school and how they communicate with each other. A lot of the activities have also been taken to school assemblies. Children are using all the flourish vocabulary they have picked up from the sessions in normal classes. It has been fantastic. I can see the improvement and see that the kids can see it too. Celebration is done at the school assembly and we have invited their parents. The cards of ‘Awesomeness’ have spread like absolute wildfire, and we even got the children to do a session for the governors. We would want every child in the year to go through the project.” – Kris Wharton, Deputy Head at Cwmffrwdoer Primary School

Flourish Project

For 2023 we have big goals we would like to achieve, to train more schools and churches, influence more lives through developing key partnerships, and help local communities Flourish and to see this impact spread across thousands of lives.
Thank you for all your continuous support in 2022!
We have already trained 11 schools in 2023, and are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring! 

Your friends,

Hannah Williams and The Proton Foundation Team❤️