The Driving Passion of the Foundation

The driving passion of the Proton Foundation is that “we exist to create sustainable community transformation and to alleviate social, economic, intellectual and spiritual poverty. This is actioned through community-based social action projects, education, and collaboration.
In the past year, we have made some incredible strides forward in partnering with other organisations in delivering ‘transformational education processes” in a number of different countries.


We are working alongside our good friend and partner Bruce Freison, who is the CEO of Children Arise. The purpose of this organisation is “arise works to create environments where children have a chance to thrive. We work to alleviate poverty by supporting and empowering families. Empowering families to support themselves increases a child’s chance of reaching their full potential.

Doors have opened into the Ministry of Education in Uganda to evaluate and deliver education in a way that would ‘future proof’ children for the amazing changes that are taking place in our world. The First Lady, who is the minister of education has already met with our team a couple of times and another meeting is planned for February 2020.


Our work with the Hungarian Gypsy Mission continues. The organisation has been running a school for Roma children for the past few years. The Hungarian Government has requested they take on two more Schools. The uniqueness of how Roma learn is a challenge to the existing educational system. We have engaged our friends from Profound Learning to Partner with us to unleash an educational tsunami in the Roma community. Building blocks are in place for this to take place in this coming year.


Proton Flourish department is discovering not only open doors in the midlands in the UK but also in South Wales. We have been closely working with Jonathon Lloyd, headmaster of Ystrad Mynach Primary School near Caerphilly, trialling the Flourish material. The results have been remarkable.
Jonathan has been identified as being an outstanding leader. He is a partner challenge adviser for the regional education consortium and works with primary and secondary schools throughout the region. He works with Headteachers across the region developing best practice and delivering on national programs for Headteachers such as the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers. Jonathan sits on the education strategic board for Cardiff Metropolitan University and mentors students within his school. He speaks regularly on the Degree courses at Universities throughout Wales. Jonathan and his school work with the Welsh Assembly Government on developing the brand new curriculum for Wales. He is a part of a larger cluster of 100 schools in the area that we are hoping will also take advantage of the Flourish course. Already hundreds of children have been helped. With Jonathan’s influence, we are excited about the possibilities for the Flourish Project in Wales.

Check out this highlights video from our CEO of the Flourish Project.

Canada and Profound Learning.

Profound Learning is an empowerment model that elevates student learning to heights not achievable using the traditional ‘command and control’ industrial age model of education. Allowing students to take control of and responsibility for their own learning has proven to increase motivation and the effectiveness of learning. Along with high academic excellence, the Profound Learning model prepares students for their future with a focus on innovation and creativity.
Ian Green our CEO of Global Transformation gave some significant inspiration to this organisation at its inception 20+ years ago.  Having now re-engaged with them we see a bright future for Proton and Profound Learning to partner in the future.  Already we have opening opportunities in Uganda and Hungary.  

The momentum is building. We would deeply appreciate financial partnership at this time as it seems ‘Our Day has Come.’

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