St Marys C of E Primary School

Rachel Ayres (Headteacher)

I was impressed with the aims, as our school motto is ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ and we have a high focus on Growth Mindset. In addition to mental well-being high on the agenda, it seemed to be something that the girls would really benefit from. 

Local school recommendations were also really positive. Having spoken to my 5/6 Phase Leader, I decided to sign up for the project. I’m glad I did as the feedback from pupils and parents was overwhelmingly positive.

Through the project the girls showed the most improvement in all 3 areas, however the most impact was in their mental well-being which is so important for secondary transition. 

I would highly recommend this project to other schools.


Redmoor Academy

Mr M. Nicolle (Principal)

I have had the pleasure of offering the Flourish project to multiple cohorts of students, mainly in Year 8, and it has never failed to deliver an engaging and successful project. The staff involved were excellent throughout and quickly engaged and inspired our students, some of whom were initially reluctant to participate. The focus on developing resilience, confidence, promoting positive self-esteem and a more positive sense of self remains incredibly relevant and Flourish has been able to provide a more specialised and in-depth approach to working on this with carefully selected students. 

Student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and not only indicates a clear improvement in how they feel about themselves but also a raised awareness of their mental health and self-esteem. Whilst we pride ourselves on the pastoral care and support we provide, Flourish has undoubtedly enhanced our provision. I will be using this team again and would recommend wholeheartedly. 

Westfield Junior School

Margaret Greig (Headteacher)

I am writing to endorse the ‘Flourish’ programme which we have been lucky enough to have had in our school for the past three academic years.

As a school, we are very impressed with the programme(s) and cannot recommend them highly enough. Parents of pupils who have completed the courses have commented to us that they feel their child has had a confidence boost and are feeling more able to deal with what is going on in their lives.

Middlemarch Junior School

Caroline Bowley (Deputy Headteacher)

“The project enabled us to address the needs of a group of year 5/6 boys who struggled with developing an awareness of their own personal values, beliefs and aspirations. The dedicated time allowed children time away from the classroom to reflect on these areas in a safe and supportive environment. Through engaging activities, some which challenged the children to think outside of their comfort zone, the boys were equipped with essential skills to work both individually and as a valued group member.”

Battling Brook Primary School

Stewart Marsden (Headteacher)

“The children talk fondly about different aspects of the courses and, more significantly, how they have shaped their views and thinking. Many children have become more considerate and are applying the key principles to their everyday lives. This demonstrates that Flourish/Rooted is so much more than a ‘tick box’ well-being programme; it actually shapes attitudes for the better.”


“My son has just finished his sessions. He has absolutely loved all the sessions and they have really made him think about lots of things and it has also prompted lots of family discussions too. I also think it has helped him with some friendships in his year group. In my work, I see lots of children who understandably have very low self-esteem so to see and experience a project such as Rooted has been a wonderful experience.”

“Brilliant project, my son completed it and I noticed that he came on leaps and bounds, and is more confident. So I would like to say thanks to the school for this excellent Flourish Project. I certainly know children benefit from it.”


“It’s helped me see that it doesn’t matter what people think about me it’s about what I think about myself.”

I can speak up more and it will help other people who don’t have as many friends and they can believe in themselves.

“I would recommend this because you can do things you’ve not done and seen things from a different point of view.”

“If you get rejected or get put down, then you get back up again and try again.:

“My friends have noticed an increase in my confidence as they have said to me ‘You’ve been putting up your hand more in class.'”

“It has helped me believe in myself and stay positive and not be negative.”

“I used to feel like a caged bird, but since flourish it has been like someone has unlocked the cage and set me free.”

“It’s helped me so much to realise that this is me, here’s me and this has been an amazing thing and I’m sad it’s the last one, it’s really changed me, in a way that I never ever thought I could change.”

“I feel confident and brave ever since I’ve joined this group and now for the rest of my life, I’m never going to think anything bad about myself, I’m going to think positive, not negative.”

“I used to hate myself and now I’m like, why did I do that.”

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