Our History

Ian and Judith Green founded the Proton Foundation in 2006 and they have been able to use the charity to help so many organisations, communities and people’s lives.

The Proton Foundation has been an umbrella for so many projects over the years.

Ian and Judith share the history of Proton and its new future.

Many of the projects are continuing to run through other organisations such as Global Transformation UK and the Caleb Foundation.

Global Transformation

Ian travels the world regularly speaking at conferences and seminars, creating and developing networks to action Proton’s mandate for community transformation. His communication gift allows him to invest into corporate business leaders as well as small businesses, to enable them to see their work not just as a wealth creation tool but having some social and moral responsibility to where their businesses are established. Alongside this, Ian speaks to faith groups and to social enterprises to see how best they can execute the vision and the plans that they have to make this a better world.

Current activities include creating global transformation curriculum, working on producing TV programmes, mentoring and various speaking engagements to promote community transformation. 

Global Transformation Activities:

Development of Global Transformation Curriculum- Brantford Canada:

Ian continues to work on a curriculum of transformation with Bruce Friesen, Bruce Mann and Brian Beattie.  Monthly discussions take place and intense 3-day summits arranged to move this project forward. The networks Ian is involved with are eager to have a road map to activate community transformation. The creation of this curriculum will help a variety of communities to access the tools they need to bring about transformation within their communities and areas of influence. This will be used in Kampala and then applied to other areas across the globe.

Working in Uganda:

Following on from recent visits to Kampala, Ian visited again in February 2018. Building on the contacts he made from his last visit, Ian was introduced to various government officials in the military, business, agriculture, medicine and education and Hamlet Kabushenga Mbabazi the founder of the African Graduate Entrepreneurship Institute. The President of Uganda opened this in May 2018. Working with these significant contacts is allowing Ian and Bishop Godfrey Luwagga, and numbers of government ministers to work towards citywide transformation in Kampala. Looking at the needs of Kampala and seeing how these can be met practically.

Ian was encouraged by the enthusiasm of the leaders in Kampala and their willingness to work towards transformation in their city. This will be a long process, but Ian hopes to make a follow-up visit to Kampala soon.

Alfa Omega TV – Romania:

Ian’s collaboration with Tudor Petan CEO of Alfa Omega TV (Romania) will see him create 50 programmes created in three different genres, including Community Transformation. This legacy of programs will have the potential to be shown globally. Filming will commence in 2019.


HGMI – Ian is currently mentoring Albert Durko the CEO of the Hungarian Gypsy Mission International (HGMI), personally and in the organizational development of the HGMI. Looking at what the needs of the organization are, refining their vision and putting this into practice. The HGMI is one of the largest mission’s organizations in Europe. It employs over 1000 people.

Ian also mentors other organizations and individuals who can bring influence and transformation in their community.

Pais Movement:

Ian also collaborates with the Pais Movement, a non-denominational, non-profit organization that creates partnerships between schools, community projects, businesses, and churches. The organization provides “free” apprenticeships, ministry resources and alternative approaches to mission, discipleship and Bible study.

Ian has known the founder, Paul Gibbs for 30 years and the organization since it began in 1992.  Ian is convinced what Pais has developed over the past 25 years in the area of Discipleship, Mission and Study are excellent! Ian advocates for Pais and as part of his networking helps create new partnerships for them across the globe to action community development.


Caleb Projects

After 4 years of partnership with the Caleb Foundation, the Lazareni projects (Dignity, Diaper, Afterschool & Housing Insulations Project) was transferred completely to the Caleb Foundation on the 31st December 2018. Proton continues to advocate for these projects with its network and the amazing transformation that is taking place in this community because of these social outreach projects.

For more information about the Caleb Projects please click on the tabs below.


To provide an after-school programme to help educate Roma Gypsy children between the age’s of 7 – 14 years old, giving them the opportunity to access extra support to help them meet their state school targets and educational requirements.


This project aims to provide children with a clean diaper a day, at a minimum.  This will help their parents raise their children in a clean and healthy environment and protect them from disease and infections caused by the lack of water and basic hygiene facilities.


To provide females who have a menstrual cycle with a pack of sanitary products each month. The women that this project is directed towards, come from a Roma Gypsy village in Lazareni. Currently, there are about 100 females that require the support of this project.


“HIP” stands for House Insulation Project. The project was born as a result of the Proton Foundation Global Shift trip in June 2013, when all those on the trip were able to see first-hand the living conditions of some families in the village of Poiana, Romania.

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