Global Transformation Update – April 2020

Critical Decisions Made in Crisis

Every business owner must make daily decisions to grow. With the global crisis of COVID 19, owners are challenged to make critical decisions. As a real estate brokerage, all our existing and potential clients are currently self-isolated with their families. We had to make a critical decision.

How can we flourish, and at the same time, help the community flourish? We decided to reverse the question. How can we help the community flourish, and at the same time, help the brokerage to flourish? The answer was not hard to find, it was starring us in the face.

Our team of realtors live in neighbourhoods. Those neighbourhoods are filled with families where parents and their children – who would normally be at school – are stuck with each other. So, we created a challenge called the “Chalk Art Walk”. 

The delivery vehicle was also staring us in the face: Facebook. Families were using this popular social platform more than ever while stuck at home. Our realtors put the challenge of “Chalk Art Walk” on Facebook in their neighbourhoods.

Who would judge the artwork? Well, according to the guidelines here in Texas, families can get exercise by going out for a walk, so we let the families decide who wins while they walk the neighbourhood.  

What would the winner receive, and how? A local business called “All Things Kids” had to close their doors to the public and move to be a strictly online store while social distancing is in place. We decided to purchase gifts from them that winners could order online for themselves. We called these gifts “Boredom Busters”.   

Now, the game was afoot!

Families decided the winners in our neighbourhood were two young girls, who were also best friends. What these girls did was both creative and heartwarming at the same time – which is probably why they won.

They could not play together because of the self-isolation and social distancing guidelines. So, one girl created half of the chalk art, then the other girl created the rest at a separate time. In the middle of their artwork they had written the words to each other, “I miss you!” 

Look what happened. Parents and their children flourished with something fun to do together. Families flourished in healthy competition. A local business flourished with more traffic to their website. Our real estate brokerage gained reputation as a business that cares.

Similar stories are coming in from our realtors in their neighbourhoods. Critical decisions made in crisis that help people flourish will always result in a flourishing business. A flourishing business has enabled us to be generous with non-profits (charities) by giving 20% of the brokerage income to Hope House, Reset Mentoring, Key2Free, Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center, Fostering Hope, First Community Village and Educational Scholarships for underprivileged Students,    

Now, the next challenge has begun in all our neighbourhoods – “The Scavenger Hunt”

Written by Renee Fox
(512) 375 8858

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