Global Transformation in 2019

2019 has been another year of extensive travel for Ian, with over 180 days on the road. He has spoken in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and across the UK and Europe; challenging the church to meet the needs of its community and demonstrate the Kingdom.

Some of the highlights in 2019 include:

Creating Global Transformation TV Programs: 
In 2019, Darius Cornean was been appointed as the Producer for the Global Transformation TV Programs.
Ian and Darius recently met with TBN UK to look at potential partnership with them. Filming should start in 2020! These programs will focus on community transformation aim to empower the church into our destiny to ‘Disciple Nations’ and equip the believer to shape and influence their world, creating the culture of Heaven.

Global Transformation Curriculum:
Ian and the collective are about 18 months out from being able to make this readily available. The creation of this curriculum will help a variety of communities to access the tools they need to bring about transformation within their communities and areas of influence. They are focussing the curriculum for CEO’s, Politicians, NGO Leaders and school principals. The outline draft will be completed by December 2019.

Doors Opening in Kampala, Uganda
Ian’s good friend, Tom Rudmik, from Masters (Christian) Academy in Canada – was invited to be the Keynote speaker on the subject of Transforming Education in Africa by 2030! Amongst the attendees were the First lady of Uganda, the minister of education and sport and even the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda. The Prime minister has a commitment to universal, affordable and quality education that matches the needs of society. This has the potential to transform the education system in Uganda.

Mentoring the HGMI:
In 2019, the Hungarian government asked HGMI to be the Educational Provider for 3 Roma high schools! Under Ian’s guidance, the HGMI have now set up a leadership program to create community transformers. They are developing their leaders for their church planting and community transformation vision for the next 10 years. 

The Catalytic Nature of the Transformational Schools in Europe:
Ian is currently mentoring Wayne Simmonds. Wayne has set up Transformational schools in Wales, England, the Faroe Islands and Denmark. In the next 12 months, new schools will open in Sweden and Romania.

Social Action – the Caleb Projects continue to thrive:
Proton handed over the responsibility for the Caleb projects (Dignity, Diaper, HIP and Afterschool) at the start of 2019. The projects continue to thrive and Ian continues to advocate and mentor the CEO of the Caleb Foundation.

We are so excited to see many of these projects move forward in 2020 and to see more transformation in these cities and communities.