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We can’t help but reflect back on the life-span of The Flourish Project so far!

In total, we have seen 315 young people (113 boys, 202 girls) go through the Flourish & Rooted Projects.

We have delivered part of the Flourish programme to 62 16-18-year-olds in Africa.

We have seen an increase of 21.2% in self-esteem, 16.67% in mental wellbeing and 15.76% of happiness in the students we’ve interacted with over 23 projects.

We also began the process of creating some original video resources to be delivered in sessions, working with some talented young actors, directors, videographers & producers.
Below you can see a video from behind the scenes of our afternoon filming for the Flourish Project.

Some of the feedback we’ve received from some of our young people:

‘You have changed my life forever, those things that we have been doing have gone into my head, especially the Instagram thing. I will miss Flourish so much, I might even cry. Thank you for having me on Flourish, thank you for helping me with my passions.’ 
– Year 7

‘Flourish has helped me grow and nurture into a strong positive girl, thank you for helping me with my confidence.’
– Year 8

‘I know I’m worth it in the end and that’s all thanks to you, I’m so thankful I got the chance to take part in the Flourish project.’
– Year 8

‘Flourish has changed my life, it felt like I was trapped up in a prison and now I’m free.’
– Year 6

Thank you to everyone for the continued support, even if it were just one young person’s life we were changing for the better this project would be worth it, but we are so blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to impact the lives of many young people in our communities.

If you feel challenged to give to this project we would love the opportunity to partner with you.

£90 a year supports 1 young person  

£15 a month supports 2 young people 

£5 a month contributes towards the project 

Thank you for your support!

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