Training Sessions

Training Sessions

Creating Positive Cultures

Taster Session

Mental well-being impacts everyone at some point in their lives. Creating a healthy environment in sporting clubs, schools and youth community organisations can actively promote growth and positivity for management, staff, volunteers, and children or young people involved.

In turn, this leads to higher levels of engagement and better outcomes in these individual’s lives.

Mental resilience is a vital component for success and healthy growth in any environment. Creating Positive Cultures session provides a 2-hour taster session, giving an overview of the key indicators that can contribute to poor mental and emotional well-being and the key ingredients to help you create a positive culture conducive to growth.

Champion Training


Champion training teaches you the necessary skills to equip young people to “flourish into everything they can be”.

The 1-day Champion training workshop or 4 x 1.5hr zoom sessions have been specifically designed to improve understanding of key theories around mental well-being, whilst providing genuine pragmatic solutions that can impact your local community long-term. 

Anyone who is in contact with a ‘child’ or ‘young person’ can be a ‘CHAMPION’.

Catalyst Training


Every person is valuable and can massively contribute to their local community and to society. Catalyst training is a tool to enable people to make larger contributions.

Catalyst Training enables parents/carers with the tools: to improve their mindset and mentality, to help break through barriers that hold people back, to discover the signs of low self-esteem and understand the impact this has on mental health and physical being, to unleash their potential and live intentionally, to make better choices and to understand the importance of having a balanced life.


“Brilliant day, leaving me with a lot to think about and do. Thank you for helping me to address (or begin) my issues.”

“Really good. A great amount of knowledge to build on and grow…a great family. Thank you.”

“It definitely has been of benefit to understand about mindset. I am going to be more purposeful with my thinking.”

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