The cost to fund sanitary product for 1 female per year is £28.72 and £2.39 per month.

To provide females who have a menstrual cycle with a pack of sanitary products each month of the year. The women that this project is directed towards, come from a Roma Gypsy village in Lazareni.  Currently there are about 100 females within this Community that require the support of this project.  The aim of providing a pack of sanitary tampons for each woman each month of the year, means providing 1,200 packs each year.  We are partnering with the Caleb Foundation, Caleb have been working alongside the Roma community for over 13 years. They will provide the oversight and running of project on the ground and are began this project on a smaller scale prior to Proton Foundation involvement.

Background Information

Lazareni is a community in Bihor County, Northwestern Romania with a population of around 3000. Within Lazareni there is a large Roma Gypsy Community with a population of just over 400 people, just over 100 of these are women,  and nearly half are children (182). This community has 86 families who live in 65 houses, which means that not all the families can be together in a home.

The current employment status of the community is 2% leaving 98% of its inhabitants unemployed. Thus, meaning the need for items such as sanitary products is very low on their agenda, creating an unhealthy and unhygienic environment. With no running water this makes it harder for females to clean themselves when on their menstrual cycle.  This has created a culture of fear among women to venture out into the community during their cycle, due to the risk of contamination.  However, there are plans to see running water installed in the village in 2016.  The water project is particularly due to the great work that Caleb Foundation have been doing which has been noticed by the Mayor of Lazareni and a new relationship between the Caleb Foundation and Mayor is being forged.

Caleb Foundation has been working along this Roma Gypsy Community for a number of years and the relationship they have developed with this community is irreplaceable.  Due to their long-standing relationship, Caleb is well aware of the need and the demographics of this community.  Caleb is involved in a number of different initiatives within the Roma Village starting with pre-school education, schools and adult education.

Project Details

The objectives of the project are:

  1. To provide one pack of tampon sanitary products each month to 100 females, who live in the Roma Gypsy Community in Lazareni which equates to 1,200 packs annually.
  2. To decrease the risk of contamination within the community caused by lack of water and basic hygiene facilities.
  3. To give the females back their dignity to enable them to continue with their daily routine, ensuring community inclusion at all times.

These are to be achieved by:

  1. Raising awareness through the Proton Website, newsletters, social media and speaking engagements.
  2. Engage with potential partners who have similar objectives, in order to learn best practices.
  3. Engage with 100 individual donors that can support a female in sanitary products for 1 whole year.

Project Execution

The sanitary product that is currently used by Caleb Foundation is Always Ultra and these are tampons. This product is sourced in Romania from the high street.

Eligibility is that the person is a woman who is of age to have a menstrual period and is part of the Roma Community in Lazareni.

The tampons will be stored in a secure location in monthly quantities (100 packs) at any one time.

Each pack of tampons will be distributed to the females on a monthly basis from the Caleb Foundation’s property.

These packs are to be distributed by two Caleb Foundation volunteers who are led by the Project Manager, each female is required to sign for their pack supplied, this information is captured on Caleb Foundations database.

The Project Manager is responsible for updating the database, ensuring sufficient stock and purchasing the sanitary tampon packs along with liaising with the two volunteers.

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