Charity Tea

On our travels in New Zealand in August, we met a remarkable lady called Gill Bredl.

One day, Gill received a phone call from a friend, working for an NGO in Haiti, asking if she would sponsor a child who was going hungry. She agreed but little did she know, a few days later, the same friend called her back with the unfortunate news that 6 more children needed sponsoring and would she help. Gill was not only emotionally touched by a need but has become inspired to solve the problem.

From being initially challenged to feed one child in Haiti, she has started a business called Charity Tea that now enables her to feed 600 children both in Haiti and New Zealand.
Be inspired by her story and may it help you to ask the question, what more can I do to solve problems in the community I live in and beyond? We are more capable than we ever dreamed.

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