Same Purpose, New Vision

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021.We are excited about this new year. 2020 was a year for us as a foundation to look at what we were doing and adapt for the future.  You would have heard that Ian Green has set up a new charity that will focus on Global Transformation. But here at the Proton Foundation,...

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The Guy Who Gave £5000

Dean, a local small business owner from Hinkley, heard about the Flourish Project from Hannah and felt that he wanted to give £5000 to the project. Here is his story! THE FLOURISH PROJECT IS HERE TO HELP PEOPLE AND EDUCATE PEOPLE AND I LOVE THE VISION BEHIND IT! I know I can’t solve all the...

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The Global Transformation Network

2020 has encouraged Ian to find new innovative ways to challenge the church to meet the needs of its community and demonstrate the Kingdom despite the lockdown and travel restrictions. A new opportunity has arisen for Ian due to his extensive networking. He has been contacted by a number of organisations...

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Flourish Project E-Learning Expansion

The pandemic has impacted the project both financially as-well-as halting the impact we have on children’s & family lives. In order to continue to impact communities, the project has needed to adapt its current approach.  We have approached a couple of Headteachers about moving the programme...

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The Flourish Project Update – August 2020

The pandemic has impacted the project in a massive way by halting the impact we have on children’s & family lives.  We have had to put a pause on our programmes for all of our schools since March 2020. This has meant that children in their final year in Primary School (Year 6) will no...

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