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The Flourish Project features in Estyn Inspection Report

Here at Proton Foundation, we are thrilled that The Flourish Project has had a special mention in the Estyn Report (Welsh Ofsted equivalent) of one of our Hub Schools, Ystrad Mynach.

The Flourish Project can help your school to clearly demonstrate some key factors in relation to its overall ethos in the mental wellbeing of its pupils as a whole school approach. As mentioned below in Ystrad Mynach Primary Estyn Inspection Report:

‘The school’s ‘Flourish’ curriculum is well embedded and highly effective, and inspires pupils to raise their aspirations. It provides them with beneficial opportunities to learn about their community, local area and the wider world.’

‘The school’s Flourish programme encourages pupils to believe in themselves, and to promote positive thinking and self-esteem. Flourish enables pupils to realise their full potential. It gives the pupils tools and techniques to equip and empower themselves to believe that they can dream big dreams.’