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Summer Hacks For Parents/Guardians

With summer here, there will be different things on everyone’s mind. Some of you are considering travel plans, some are thinking of ways to keep your young people occupied and some of you still need to come to terms with the fact that it’s already summer!

Seriously, it feels like 2023 began only yesterday!

Anyway, it is indeed summer now, so we as a team, wanted to share some fun summer hacks for you as parents and guardians🤩

Create a Garden Obstacle Course

Be sure to plan the course first with your children and even sketch out the plan!

Consider using various elements like hula hoops, cones, ropes, tires, and pool noodles. Let your kids use their imagination to come up with creative ideas. Build the course together and write instructions for each station before giving it a go! Consider timing yourselves and making obstacles harder as you get quicker.

Water Fight Summer

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt in your garden or a nearby park. Make a list of items or clues for your children to find, such as a specific type of leaf, a rock of a certain colour, or a hidden treasure.

It’s a fun and engaging activity that gets everyone moving and exploring the outdoors.

DIY Science Experiments

Find simple science experiments that you can do at home with your children. You can create homemade lava lamps using water, oil, and food colouring, or make a baking soda and vinegar volcano. These hands-on experiments not only entertain kids but also teach them about basic scientific concepts.

Movie Night

Camping in the Backyard

Weather dependent, set up a mini-campsite in your garden for a night of outdoor adventure. Pitch a tent, bring out sleeping bags, and gather around a fire pit. Roast marshmallows, tell stories, and enjoy the experience of camping under the stars. It’s a great way to introduce your children to the joys of camping while staying close to home.

Art and Craft Day

Dedicate a day to arts and crafts with your children. Set up a workstation with various art supplies like paints, colouring pencils, markers, and glue. Encourage them to create their own masterpieces or work on a collaborative project, such as a large mural or a family scrapbook. This activity allows for creativity and self-expression while bonding with your children over shared artistic endeavours.

The One When The Kids Say: ‘I’m Bored’

Spend one afternoon sitting down to create a boredom jar. You’ll need a container, scraps of paper or lollipop sticks and pens. Work together to come up with ideas your kids could do on their own – write a story, read a book, start a club with friends, make thank-you cards.

Put the ideas in a jar, ready for when those two words inevitably come ( ‘I’m bored’). Here’s some ideas for the jar:

  • Make a gift for someone
  • Go on Youtube and search funny things
  • Story starting – Yesterday, I went in a spaceship to….
  • Go to the park
  • Create a family flag
  • Find something in your house that starts with every letter of the alphabet
  • Make a den
  • Dance to loud music.