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Flexeserve – The Ripple Effect!

Date Written: 03/04/2023

Date Published: 17/04/2023

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Flexeserve, part of Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd. Flexeserve hosted ‘The Flourish Project’ training at the end of March where teachers, teaching assistants and family support staff attended a two day training event. These staff were from four local schools: Hinckley Parks, Richmond Primary, Heath Lane Academy and St Paul’s Primary school. Through this partnership and donation, these schools have been trained, resourced and will continue to be supported in deploying ‘The Flourish Project’ with 160 children within their school communities. 

Three teaching assistants from St Paul’s Primary School had this to say about the training:

“It was the most fantastic opportunity that we have been given. We know the children will benefit so much! It was empowering, emotive and repairing all at the same time. We are buzzing! It was an amazing two days training – the best we have had.” – AKA The Flourish Girls

Hannah Williams (CEO) and Anthony Stubbs (Brand Voice Group Representative for Flexeserve) are on the left-hand side.  Delegates engaged in a practical activity on the right-hand side.

Lynsey Judge-Porter from Hinckley Parks had this to say: 

‘Course facilitators were absolutely amazing, welcoming and very knowledgeable, and the venue and lunch were absolutely brilliant.’.

Over the course of the two day training, the trainers encourage delegates to be ‘kind’ by ‘calling out the gold’ that they see in each other. ‘Gold calling’ is one of the project’s golden threads. What our trainers witnessed at the end of the second day was truly inspiring; they saw the delegates ‘gold calling’ with words of kindness to the host Flexeserve.  The delegates wrote a certificate of ‘AWESOMENESS’ saying how much they had been treated like “Kings and Queens”.

All delegates representing the four schools along with Proton Foundation staff.

Hannah Williams, CEO shares her thoughts on the partnership.

‘What I love about partnership is it’s about adding value to one another. When you find a partner with similar values of excellence, being generous, having passion for what they are about, that partnership can begin a ripple effect. Not only does it affect the now, but can impact the future, and in this case impact our future generation of children and young people. Just like we have witnessed with the culture of generosity and hospitality of Flexeserve – the effect of this being the delegates ‘calling out the gold’ to what they had experienced. Imagine if…we can all be like this, seeing the gold in others and calling it out…what an amazing community we would all belong to!’

Anthony Stubbs, HSEQ Manager and an elected member of the Brand Voice Group for Flexeserve.

‘We were blown away when we received a certificate of ‘AWESOMENESS’ from the delegates saying how much they had been treated like “Kings and Queens”. It is the very least we can do for such a worthy charity that is making a difference. By supporting a local charity, we here at Flexeserve hope we can help improve the lives of those in need but also strengthen the bonds of our community. We hope, with our support, the Proton Foundation‘s Flourish Project can make a significant difference in the lives of young people, and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. As Coretta Scott King quotes, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.’

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