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12 More Schools Funded by the Edenstone Foundation

One of our partners, Edenstone Foundation has recently shared how they are helping to sponsor the schools in south Wales by teaming up with us at the Proton Foundation.

Check out their most recent news release – Edenstone Foundation Helps to Build Children’s Mental Health.

Up to 12 more schools and hundreds of children will be given the tools to develop mental and emotional wellbeing as part of a continued partnership between two foundations.

Schools children flourish project

The Edenstone Foundation has extended its links with the Proton Foundation to support the delivery of its Flourish Project in schools. The funding package is worth £29,000 this year, with further funding allocated for next year.

Sponsorship from the Edenstone Foundation is covering teacher training for the project, plus a toolkit and resources to help equip young people. The tools help to develop healthy self-esteem, mental and emotional well-being.

Feedback from Schools

Archbishop Rowan Williams Church in Wales VA Primary School in Caldicot and Nant-y-Parc Primary School in Caerphilly are among those who took part in the latest training sessions.

“Health, wellbeing and equity are a priority in our school development plan. We’re constantly looking for initiatives to develop pupils’ wellbeing, especially following the challenges of Covid-19. We’ve achieved the National Nurturing Schools Programme and felt the Flourish programme was the perfect next step.

We’re really excited about the project and are looking forward to delivering whole class sessions for children in years five and six later in the summer term as a trial run. It’s amazing that the Edenstone Foundation has provided grant funding for the scheme – it’s hugely appreciated.”

Kirsty Nelson, Year 6 teacher at Nant y Parc Primary

Feedback from the Diocese

“The course was well organised and took us through each stage of the Flourish Project step by step. It was engaging and involved everyone. It has inspired me to try and reach as many young people as possible. The students will benefit from the Flourish Project by having staff members who will be able to help them value themselves and believe they are capable of achieving their goals.”

Melissa Jordan, Archbishop Rowan Williams Church in Wales VA Primary School

“I loved the Flourish training and I’m glad it is being taught for delivery to people who will truly benefit. The Flourish Project will be very beneficial to the children and teachers in our setting. It will help to identify and bring out the best in all our children, whether that be social, emotional or physical growth.”

Kellie Jerome, Colleague of Melissa Jordan

Feedback from the Proton Foundation

We’re grateful to the Edenstone Foundation for their continued support, which will see hundreds of children and young people equipped with the tools to develop a healthy mindsight and truly flourish.”

Phil Mann, Flourish Project Manager

The Flourish Programme is targeted at nine to 16-year-olds and usually runs over eight one-hour sessions covering how beliefs are formed, how they can affect and shape us. It covers topics like the effects of social media on mental health and developing healthy online habits. It teaches how to develop healthy self-talk and begin to put it into practice. As well as understanding the importance of setting goals and the positive effect it has on our mindsets.

Feedback from Edenstone Foundation

“The importance of good mental health has perhaps never been more important, particularly following the challenges of the pandemic. We previously supported five schools on the Flourish Project and on average they reported an 18% improvement in mental wellbeing, self-esteem had increased 16% and a 13% average increase in happiness. Based on those results we were keen to extend our support, providing funding for another 10 schools this year with additional funding next year so that even more children can benefit.”

Chris Edge, Edenstone Foundation

The Edenstone Foundation funding for the project is fuelled by the success of the Magor-based Edenstone Group’s two housing brands – Edenstone Homes and Bluebell Homes. The Foundation receives a proportion of the proceeds from every home the Groups sells across South Wales and the South West of England to support good causes.

To find out more about Edenstone Foundation, check out their website.