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Exam Thrive 101

Exam season is well and truly in full swing!

The sun is starting to shine; summer is almost within your grasp. In fact, maybe for some of your friends’ summer has already started!

But to you, summer may feel pretty far away! Will you ever make it to summer? Will you ever finish your exams? Is summer even real? Yes, Yes and YES!

Here are a few tips to get you through exam season and ready for your best summer yet.

*Weather not guaranteed.

  • One step at a time

You’re not doing all your exams at the same time on the same day. Don’t try to think about every exam. Make a plan, write out a schedule and get ready for each exam one at a time.

  • Talk

If you’re struggling, if you’re thriving or if you’re somewhere in between – Talk! Talk to your friends, your family members, a professional or trusted adult. Be honest – tell them where you’re really at.

  • Break Well

Take breaks from revising, studying and working. Go for a walk, play a sport, read a book. Give your brain a break. To have a break you have to first be doing something to break from!

  • Remember Who You Are!

Lastly, and perhaps the most important of all, remember you are not defined by your results, achievements or grades.

Summer’s coming! Stick in there, take one step at a time, talk about how you’re feeling and where your heads at, rest well, enjoy the journey and never forget your results don’t define you.