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Champion 2022 Update

1 year of The Champion Membership

In the last year we’ve been able to impact almost 1000 children, young people and facilitators.

The Flourish Project is being delivered in 17 different locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales, and we’re about to train another 7 Hubs who will begin to deliver the project before the end of this academic year.

As a team we’ve expanded and welcomed the amazing Hanna Palliser as our Flourish Administrator. Hanna is a very gifted administrator, and having her on team has been instrumental in making the process of recruiting and training Hubs so much easier.

Within our first year of Champion membership we’ve added 55 Champions. Without you and our other Champions, we’d never have been able to achieve so much in such unprecedented times. Thank you for partnering with us and Championing children and young people.

Our Aims for 2022

Of course we’re not resting on our laurels; this year we know we’ll be able to impact even more lives and communities. 

We’re aiming to establish 20 brand new Hub locations across the UK to begin to deliver the Flourish Project. We’re in the process of adding 7 new Hubs already!

We’d like at least 10 of our existing Hubs to continue delivering the Flourish Project in their community. Hanna joining the team has given us the opportunity to be more intentional about building relationships and supporting Hubs that are continuing to deliver the project.

Speaking Engagements

As a team we’re aiming to get the word out about Flourish and becoming a Champion. We’re planning to talk in a number of different churches sharing the Flourish project and inviting people to partner with us. If your church or organisation would like to invite a team member along to talk about our projects, please don’t hesitate to contact:

The Mustard Seed Gift Fund

We’re launching a brand new initiative! Something that we’re really excited about! The Mustard Seed Gift Fund will be a fund made available to partner and support other projects, charities, organisations or individuals who have a heart or vision that compliment our own.

This Mustard Seed Gift Fund is unique in a way that we’ll be sharing with you soon.

Once again, thank you for partnering with us to champion children, families and communities across the UK and beyond.