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Back to School

Can you believe that we are already four weeks into the new school year?  

We wanted to share with you the exciting news that we have restarted Flourish face-to-face courses and are launching Flourish Online for this term, and would love to keep you updated with the impact it is having.  

• Since the beginning of the academic year, five ‘church’ hubs have been running 11 face-to-face projects in six different schools, working alongside 85 young people.  

• Between now and Christmas, 26 schools are going to be launching Flourish Online with approximately 400 young people.  

• We have three new hubs being trained in September, and they will be running their first face-to-face cohorts very soon after.  

• We have delivered one hour awareness training to 32 Senco’s and teaching assistants to ensure Flourish Online is deployed successfully.  

Thank you to Restore Collective, a hub running the Flourish Project in a school, for the lovely photos!

Before the schools broke up for the summer holidays, a couple of the young people let us know the impact the project had on their lives.

“I feel I can cope better if I feel down.”  

“It’s changed how I look at myself, and I am starting to focus on the good things about me.”  

This is why we do what we do!  

This would not be possible without your continued support. We value your partnership with the Flourish Project. If you would be interested in running the Flourish Project in your community, do get in touch for more information.