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Champion Membership – June 2021 Update

At the Proton Foundation we’re so thankful that you’ve partnered with us to answer the call to champion children, families and communities. We want to keep you up to date on what we have achieved together over the last three months.

Since establishing the Champion Membership on the 1st March 2021, we’ve been able to welcome 54 Champions to partner with us in our mission to champion children, families and communities.

As Champions, you’ve been more generous than we could have ever imagined. When we met as a team to talk about the Champion membership, our goal was to sign up 100 Champions by 1st June 2021 all contributing £3 each.

As I write this we’re now partnering with 54 Champions, but each Champion on average is giving £8.93 a month. This very simply means that together we’ve been able to smash our goal of 100 Champions donating £3 a month, and we’ve actually got the equivalent of 160 Champions donating £3 per month.

Because of your generosity, together we’ve been able to achieve more than we ever thought we could in our first three months in partnership.

Since March we’ve trained 34 adults from all across Great Britain to become Flourish Project facilitators. These 34 facilitators are a mixture of teachers, youth workers, children’s workers, staff from other charities, volunteers and parents who are now fully equipped to deliver the project to at least 10 children each, giving us the ability to impact at least 340 children and young people.

We’ve added 11 additional Hubs in Aberdeen, South Wales and the Midlands, these are centres that are equipped to go into their local schooling communities to deliver the Flourish Project.

From the Champion memberships inception in March to date, over 200 additional children are currently participating in the Flourish Project. This is something we expect to increase as our additional hubs begin to deploy the project.

We’ve released our Flourish Online ‘pilot’ to a number of schools across the UK giving out 123 licences. It has been well received by students and through this pilot we have had the opportunity to work through some initial teething problems with regards to the platform compatibility with certain school networks.

Thanks to your financial support we are able to pursue a number of solutions. Enabling us to and fully launch Flourish Online after September 2021.

Over the next three months we’re preparing to train more facilitators, deploy Flourish Online fully, add an additional 100 Champion members, have an additional five schools ready to deliver the Flourish Project in September 2021 and begin to roll out a few more new exciting ideas.

We value you and your continued partnership and support. We’re passionate about impacting 100,000 young people’s lives by 2030. We’re determined to continue to champion children, young people, families and communities and be a resource that inspires community transformation. We know this is not possible without your partnership and support, so thank you!

Please consider telling a friend or family member about the Proton Foundation and how they can play a pivotal role as a Champion just like you have.

Phil & the Proton Foundation team.