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Flourish Project E-Learning Expansion

The pandemic has impacted the project both financially as-well-as halting the impact we have on children’s & family lives. In order to continue to impact communities, the project has needed to adapt its current approach. 

We have approached a couple of Headteachers about moving the programme to a web-based package so that we will continue to see lives and school cultures impacted in a positive way. This could also help the project reach its vision of seeing 100,000 children reached in 10 years’ time more efficiently and quickly.

This web-based package will enable more children to have access to our resource, through interactive games, challenges whilst continuing to give some much-needed tools and strategies. 

This is not a time for the project to pull back as the need in regard to mental wellbeing during this pandemic is great! As of September, it could expand very quickly, however, we need to be prepared to ensure we can meet the need with the resources we have.

We have been working hard during the pandemic to secure some funding to help us build the new e-learning programme, however, we are still £7000 short in meeting our target.

We could really do with your help! We have a projected figure of seeing over 600 children access this e-learning resource this year. That is less than £12 per child to reach our target. Would you be willing to sponsor a child, a group of children, even a full class?

To donate towards our e-learning project, check out the link below. We would love to report before the end of the year that all 600 children have been given access to this resource to help them with their mental health as we continue to navigate this pandemic.