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The Flourish Project Update – August 2020

The pandemic has impacted the project in a massive way by halting the impact we have on children’s & family lives. 

We have had to put a pause on our programmes for all of our schools since March 2020. This has meant that children in their final year in Primary School (Year 6) will no longer be able to complete the course in their school as they will be moving up to secondary school in September. 

We were also about to launch the programme in a new school but this again has been put on pause until schools can resume.

With the pandemic having such a great impact on the education system, we are already expecting lots of changes to come in September. At this stage, schools are unsure whether they will be able to continue Flourish programmes in September or if they will be pushed back until 2021.

With all this change over the past few months, it has forced us to think of new and creative ways that we can continue to impact children and family lives. We are currently looking into building a e-learning programme that will help us to deliver our programme online so children can still access our materials, through fun and interactive online sessions.

We are passionate about continuing to partner with churches who can help to bridge the gap by reaching out to schools and meeting needs in their own local communities, especially at this time where mental wellbeing is being severely impacted. We still have some way to go but we have our goal in mind: reach 100,000 children in the next 10 years.