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  • Posted on April 3, 2018

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In January 2018 we were given an awesome opportunity to go to Kenya to work alongside 62 teenage girls at Soweto Academy in Kibera. The Flourish project joined a team that was sent from Feed the Hungry to talk about self-worth and having a future hope.

Most of these 62 teenage girls ( 13-18 years old ) are given a safe place to board full time. Some of them  have travelled over 10 hours to have access to an education and to be kept safe from or rescued from sexual exploitation.


We saw some powerful outcomes in the girls:

  • Positive beliefs replaced negative thinking patterns
  • Forgiveness for people, enabling them to move forward and not allowing past experiences to dictate their future lives
  • Faded dreams became new hopes and aspirations
  • Planning for what they wanted to be in the future
  • New confidence in themselves
  • Faces that showed little emotion connected and smiles began to break out

There were so many precious times where these girls seemed free, unhindered, excited and inspired.

Seeing young people reach their full potential!

The Flourish project is passionate about seeing young people reach their full potential – whether it’s working alongside schools in the UK or equipping and empowering young people in Africa. We are committed to seeing young people have a hope and a future.

You can make a huge difference and help us change the lives of these young people.

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