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Flourish End of Term Update

This year has been an exciting year for The Flourish Project as we look to grow, expand and partner with more schools in our local area - and even beyond!
We’ve piloted a year 11 course, (and learnt a lot from it!), reached new schools in Coventry, Nuneaton, Atherstone and Hinckley, connected with and launched a license agreement with an influential, pioneering school in Wales; meeting with a lot of teachers/impacters along the way, launched a new training scheme as well as revamping our Catalyst programme for community impact. 
Amidst all of this, we’ve continued to impact the lives of young people in our communities.

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Meet Gemma

Hi, my name is Gemma and I have recently started working with the Flourish Project!

I graduated from Nexus ICA in July ‘18 with a BA Hons Degree in Popular Music and Worship and have been attempting to navigate my way through “adult life” since (what does that even mean?!), including getting engaged to my wonderful Fiance, Joe, who also helps out as a mentor for Rooted. We are set to get married in August 2019 and the time is just flying by!

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City Solutions

There are very few people that I have met around the globe who have not only adopted the belief that we are called to Transform Communities but are actually living it out with commitment and passion. Brian Beattie is the lead Pastor of Freedom House in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. What is happening in that City is nothing short of phenomenal. This article written by Brian will inspire you to believe that this can happen in your community.

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Flourish Updates

In total, we have seen 315 young people (113 boys, 202 girls) go through the Flourish & Rooted Projects.

We have delivered part of the Flourish programme to 62 16-18-year-olds in Africa.

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