Dignity Project 2018

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  • Posted on August 13, 2018

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With your help we are restoring DIGNITY to the women of Lazareni, Romania!

Imagine having to stay at home during your period. Imagine not to be able to carry on with your day to day life! Embarrassed, uncomfortable, and with no running water to keep yourself clean! Completely undignified.

This was the reality for the young girls and women on Lazareni until the Proton Foundation started providing a pack of sanitary products every month.

95 women from Lazareni are provided with a packet of sanitary products each month. Thanks to the generosity of donors 1,140 packs have been distributed in the last 12 months.Together we are restoring dignity!

Stopping girls from missing school because of their period and women from being isolated and embarassed! This in turn restores dignity, confidence and self esteem.

Could you support us today?
This project only exists because of donations!

To supply one female with sanitary products costs
£2.40 per month or £29 per year.

For more info about our Dignity program please contact our European Director at: gheorghe.galea@protonfoundation.com

To support the Dignity Project please click on the donate button:


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