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BFSS Annual Review of Grant Giving 2016

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  • Posted on June 10, 2017

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“The afterschool program has been such a benefit to everyone; since it began the children attend school more regularly. They are more involved in the activities at school and they show more interest in what they do.” ~ Teacher Proton partnered with the Caleb Foundation in Romania to establish an afterschool programme for children aged…

Changing Young Futures

by Steph Lambert

One of the key social justice projects that we have been involved in this past year is the After Schools project. After eight months we are encouraged by the progress that the 60 children participating in the project have made. We had aimed at reaching 7 – 14 year olds with this project, but there…

His Church Brings the Goods

by Steph Lambert

A few weeks ago,  the staff at Caleb Funatia (Foundation) were overwhelmed and very happy to receive a truck full of goods.  The container that was arranged by “His Church” consisted of food, diapers, shampoo and a few tools. His Church has partnerships with supermarkets and other organisations and they make arrangements for goods to…

Smithers Proton Foundation Inspires Community

by Steph Lambert

Today in Smithers, British Columbia, is “Pay it Forward” day.  This amazing community have set out to inspire their friends and neighbours to acts of kindness. The hope it that the community would live up to its generous reputation by performing 3,000 acts of kindness within 24 hours. The community have distributed 8,000 “Pay it Forward” cards…