After School Program Update

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  • Posted on February 28, 2017

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We have exciting news to share with you!

The After School Program in the past 12 months has seen wonderful and measurable results.. Over time, we are seeing more and more children are enrolled in the program.

Our After School Program plays a very important role for the community. Some of the children’s parents, who didn’t prioritize their child’s education, have changed their perspective now and sometimes even assist them in their After School classes.

Qualified personnel assist our children to further deepen the knowledge acquired in school through additional exercises and through group activities that stimulate their desire to learn. We also assist them in completing their homework.

In 2017 we intend to improve our After School Program. This began through an evaluation questionnaire completed by the teachers. These questionnaires were very beneficial enabling us to keep accurate records and helping us to improve the program.

Here are some answers from the teachers about the students:

  • “All the children have made progress thanks to this program. A relevant example is Alina Covaci who is active and diligent throughout the hours of study in the classroom.”
  • “Thanks to this program, all children have made significant progress. The greatest progress was made by Covaci Lamaita who usually was not active during classes. Now she began to actively participate in class and in the after school program.”
  • “The After School Program is very beneficial for students because it helps them deepen their knowledge acquired in class, helping them fill gaps and working in groups” Larisa Balaj, teacher.
  • “The After School Program is very useful because it helps students to enhance their knowledge and to form a positive attitude toward self and others” Anca Duma, teacher.

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