Smithers Proton Foundation Inspires Community

by Steph Lambert

Today in Smithers, British Columbia, is “Pay it Forward” day.  This amazing community have set out to inspire their friends and neighbours to acts of kindness. The hope it that the community would live up to its generous reputation by performing 3,000 acts of kindness within 24 hours.

The community have distributed 8,000 “Pay it Forward” cards in the hopes that it would encourage people to do good deeds for others.  In a kind of domino effect, with each act of kindness, the card is marked and passed along to the recipient to continue the chain. Who knows if a chain reaction might be invoked.

Suggested acts of kindness include buying a stranger a coffee, giving a gift or refusing to charge a client for work.  Big or small, it is in the act that kindness and the environment is changed.

The event is being organized by the Smithers Proton Foundation, whose goals include promoting positive social action.

Director Mark DeHoog said Pay It Forward Day was a simple way to inspire people to help others.

Click here to read more about it.  We will post updates soon.

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